Clinical Practice Guideline for Eating Disorders.

  1. Introduction
  2. Scope and Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Definition and Classification of Eating Disorders
  5. Prevention of Eating Disorders
  6. Detection of Eating Disorders
  7. Diagnosis of Eating Disorders
  8. Interventions at the Different Levels of Care in the Management of Eating Disorders
  9. Treatment of Eating Disorders
  10. Assessment of Eating Disorders
  11. Prognosis of Eating Disorders
  12. Legal Aspects Concerning Individuals with Eating Disorders in Spain
  13. Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies for Eating Disorders
  14. Dissemination and Implementation
  15. Recommendations for Future Research
  16. Bibliography

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Full list of tables and figures

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Section 01

Table 1. Studies on the prevalence of eating disorders in adolescent females in Spain Abrir nueva ventana (pdf, 17 Kb.)

Table 2. Studies on the prevalence of eating disorders in adolescent males and females in Spain Abrir nueva ventana (pdf, 19 Kb.)

Section 13

Algorithm 1. Detection of potential cases of eating disorders Abrir nueva ventana (pdf, 401 Kb.)

Algorithm 2. Intervention if there is suspicion of an eating disorder Abrir nueva ventana (pdf, 549 Kb.)

Algorithm 3. Treatment of AN Abrir nueva ventana (pdf, 570 Kb.)

Algorithm 4. Treatment of BN and BED Abrir nueva ventana (pdf, 581 Kb.)

Section 14

Table 1. Proposed indicators Abrir nueva ventana (pdf, 43 Kb.)


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